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By Naimi Amiesya - 20:19

Assalamualaikum yaw~~
Liebster Award again ... I don't know how many times I've been tagged for this Liebster Award ( ಠ_ಠ ) .. but fortunately now I don't have anything to do so I'll answer all the question given . Ouh ya , before I forget I've been tagged by Yana .Thanks for tagging me ^^ .

So let's answer the question :

1. What do you think about having a crush on someone ?
I think it's a feeling that every people have feel when have a crush on someone (♥♥,)

2. Do you have crush on someone for over 3 years ? Why ?
▧ Yes I have . Why ? I think it's because he's so cute !

3. Why you love blogging ?
▧ Because I like it. No specific reason just for fill free time when there's nothing I can do . ●‿●

4. Are you kpop addiction ? Why ?
No. I'm not addicted to Kpop. Just a little interest.

5. State a song you love the most . Why ?
▧ "Tepi sikit" by Sleeq ft. Joe Flizzow . Cause my brother always kept me from watch the television so I'll sing that song to tell my brother to go to the side ≧ω≦ .

6. Tell me about your bestfriend .
I have many good friends. They're very nice. I love friends with them because their crazy temperaments similar like me .. haha ​​.. (─‿‿─)

7. Have you ever involved in any tragedy ?
▧ Tragedy like what ? Scramble stair with my crush ? Hahaha ! (≧◡≦)

8. Your biggest wishes that you want it becomes true ?
▧ I want to go to the Makkah with my beloved family  \ ˚▽˚ /

9. People can know you when they see your ... (Ex : Mole , Nose hole look like heart shape and etc )
▧ Idk how to explain -,-"

10. Is my questions hard or crazy ? :P
▧ All your question are super crazy you know ! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ *flips a table .. haha*

11. What do you think about my English ? Haha ! ^^
▧ Hmm .. I think you're good english *rub chin*  ૅ.ે.. hehe

Done answer all your question yaw~~ I hope you all can read my broken English . So sorry if you can't understand what just i type .. hehehe  :P  Here my question for my nominess :

Question :
  1. Your date of birth - it's ok if you don't want to mention the year (‐^▽^‐) 
  2. State your favourite blogger .
  3. Do you like your blog ? Why ?
  4. Do you have crush on someone ? What is her/his nickname ? ≧ω≦
  5. Vanilla or Chocolate ? Why ?
  6. What kind of book do you like to read? ●‿●
  7. What's your activity during weekend?
  8. What memories that you can not be forgotten?
  9. At what age you will get married ? (>‿◠)✌
  10. If given the choice to marry a celebrity, who do you prefer? <:3 )~
  11. What's your opinion about this blog?
 The nominess :

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  2. Done answer. Thanks tagged me hehe.


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